For each lesson, below are the assignments to do ahead of time. The links will provide you materials to watch and read in preparation for the next class.

1. Introduction to “God’s Troublemakers

Watch: How to Read The Prophets (Bible Project)

Watch: 1-2 Kings (Bible Project)

Read: Peterson, “Introduction to the Prophets” (p.101-106, from “The Invitation”)

Read: Obadiah

Reflect:  Why call this series on the Prophets “God’s Troublemakers”? Who would view them as Troublemakers? Was their message only one of “Trouble” or was there more to it? What was the real cause of the trouble and what was the real solution for peace? Can you think of ways Jesus might have be viewed as a “Troublemaker” even though His message was really about bringing peace? What are some examples of this in Jesus’ life? Can you think of any similar ways that disciples of Jesus might be viewed as “Troublemakers” today?