Small Group Discipleship Class

Welcome to the Family

Getting Started (Introduction to Reading the Scriptures)

If you have very little experience or familiarity with reading the Scriptures and piecing together the whole history and story of the Bible, click here for some resources to help you get started.


For each lesson, below are the assignments to do ahead of time. The links will provide you materials to watch and read in preparation for the next class.

1. Jesus – The Origins of God’s Story and Family

2. Abraham – God Calls His Family to Follow Him

3. Exodus – God Rescues His Family from Enemy Powers

4. Exile – God’s Family is Broken by Idolatry

5. Easter – The Father Resurrects His Family

6. Corinth – Family Crisis and the Spirit’s Response

7. Ephesians – The Power and Identity of God’s Family

8. Our Family – Life Together At Holy Trinity