Lutheran Women’s Organization

Spring 2024

None Like Him – A Study of the Attributes of God

This study is based on Jen Wilkin’s “None Like Him” – 10 Ways that God is Different from Us (And That’s a Good Thing). The book is not required for participation. Below is the schedule for the chapters related to the book if you wish to acquire the book and follow along. The worksheets will be uploaded each month in case you miss a meeting.

January: Unlimited (None Like Him, ch 1)

February: Self-Sufficient (None Like Him, ch 3, 4)

March: Omnipresent/Eternal (None Like Him, ch 5, 6, 7)

April: Omniscient (None Like Him, ch 8)

  • Omniscient Handout

May: Omnipotent/Sovereign (None Like Him, ch 9, 10)

  • Omnipotent Handout