Sunday Bible Class Series: Genesis-Exodus


Getting Started (Introduction to Reading the Scriptures)

If you have very little experience or familiarity with reading the Scriptures and piecing together the whole history and story of the Bible, click here for some resources to help you get started.


For each lesson, below are the assignments to do ahead of time and the handouts that are covered in class. The links will provide you materials to watch and read in preparation for the next class.

LessonDo BEFORE CLassCoverd In Class
Genesis 1 – ORDER
(For 10/9 & 10/16)
Read: Genesis 1 Design Pattern
For this reading, use colored pencils/highlighters to note the following word patterns: God (Hebrew: Elohim) / God (Elohim) said: “Let there…” / God (Elohim) called / separated or gathered / And there was evening, and there was morning… / And it was so
Watch: Genesis 1 Visual Commentary (Bible Project Video)
10/9 Handout: Genesis 1
10/9 Class Audio
10/16 Class Audio
Genesis 2a – GARDEN
(For 10/30)
Read: Genesis 2 (Bible Text)
Watch: Tree of Life (Bible Project Video)
Handouts: 10/30 Genesis 2a
Audio: 10/30 Audio
Genesis 2b – FAMILY
(For 11/6)
Read: Genesis 2 and Psalm 8 (Bible Text)
Watch: Visual Commentary: Psalm 8 (Bible Project Video)
Handouts: 11/6 Genesis 2b
11/6 Audio
Genesis 3a – CHAOS
(For 11/13)
Read: Genesis 3 (Bible Text)
Watch: Design Patterns (Bible Project Video)
Watch: Messiah (Bible Project Video)
(Coming Soon)
Genesis 3b –
(Coming Soon)
Read: Genesis 3 (Bible Text)Handouts: (Coming Soon)
Genesis 4
(Coming Soon)
Watch: Overview: Genesis 1-11 (Bible Project Video)Handouts:
(Coming Soon)