New for 2020

Vacation Bible School “By Mail” 

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Provided by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, West Columbia, SC

Because of recent 2020 COVID-19 concerns this year,
Holy Trinity has set up a  “VBS by Mail” for the children of our congregation.

We would like to invite others from the community to subscribe.

Your children will receive 14 weekly issues of the popular “Kids Answers” magazine
from the Answers in Genesis (AIG) organization (founders of the Creation Museum and Ark).

It’s FREE!

Every issue is filled with fascinating and fun facts about God’s awesome creation.
Holy Trinity will include Bible stories, coloring sheets, and other material

to build up your children’s faith in the truth of God’s Word and of His love for them.

 Email us with your mailing address if
you are interested in receiving a free subscription.

(Subscriptions are limited and available only for local families
with children between the ages of 4 and 12).

to subscribe or for more information

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is not affiliated in any way with the Answers in Genesis (AIG) organization, nor does the use of the AIG material for our VBSbyMail program necessarily indicate complete doctrinal agreement with other materials they produce.

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