Lutheran Women’s Organization

Series for 2022-23

The Minor Prophets

Getting Started

If you have very little experience or familiarity with reading the Scriptures and piecing together the whole history and story of the Bible, click here for some resources to help you get started.


For each lesson, below are the assignments to do ahead of time. The links will provide you materials to watch and read in preparation for the next class.

1. Introduction to the Prophets / Obadiah (September)

2. Joel (October) – The Day of the LORD

3. Micah (November) – “If I have to come down there…”

4. Amos (January) – The Party is Over

5. Hosea (February) – A Strange Love Affair

6. Nahum (March) – Cosmic Fate

7. Zephaniah (April) – Hide Yourself in the LORD!

8. Habakkuk (May) – Live By Faith

9. Haggai (September) – What are you busy with?

10. Zechariah (October) – Turn to Me! And I Will Turn to You!

11. Malachi (November) – The Last Word

12. Jonah (Covered in 2023 Summer Sermon Series)

Extra Materials