Holy Trinity Evangelical
Lutheran Church & School

2920 Pella Avenue, West Columbia, SC  29170
(behind Aldi's Grocery off Methodist Park Rd)
Pastor David Pfeiffer
Office: 803-796-0770
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We want you to know the
Wonders of God


The Story of Joseph shows God
Mon, 7/18 -  Helps us in Adversity
Tue,  7/19 -  Helps us in Temptation
Wed. 7/20 -  Gives us Blessings
Thu,  7/21 -  Gives us Forgiveness
Fri,    7/22 -  Gives us the Final Victory

July 15-19, 2024

(Monday - Friday)
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Ages 5-12
A Snack is Included

To Register:  EMAIL your name, phone and names/grades of children.
or call 803-361-2739

We want children to know THE WONDERS OF GOD!
The pressures and temptations facing children are now greater than they have ever been before. We teach that, for Jesus's sake, God will never leave them or forsake them.

Our goal is to ensure that every child realizes that....

  • God loves them and has forgiven their sins for Jesus' sake.
  • God provides for their earthly needs, and more importantly, has promised them eternal life because of Jesus' sacrifice for their sins.
  • There are many people who do not yet know of God' love for sinful people, and they have the opportunity to spread this message.
  • God's Word (the Bible) has many promises with which they can comfort themselves and their friends during difficult and discouraging time.

Our program is planned months in advance.  Our devoted teachers contribute much of their free time in July planning for and teaching the lessons to your children.

To Register: EMAIL your name, phone and names/grades of children.
or call 803-361-2739