Sydow Workbook: Each week the students will be assigned a lesson in Sydow’s Catechism Workbook due the following Wednesday. The workbook lessons are based on the corresponding section in Sydow’s Catechism which will provide answers. These should be completed at home and brought to class each week.

Memory Work: Below is the attached sheet of Q&A passages due every Wednesday. The questions and passage should be copied onto 4×6 or halved 2×3 index cards used for flash cards. These should be worked on each week at home with parents supervision. There will be written quizzes periodically, to be completed at home and handed in at class time.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Due to time restraints, there is no review of memory work in class. All Memory Work should be completed and verbally quizzed at home with parents supervision. There is one final written test on all memory work at the end of each semester.

PDF of all QA passages: YBS QA Memory Work Sheet

Link to Catechism Chief Parts

Schedule – Spring 2024

Year C – Sacraments/Lord’s Prayer

Sydow workbook
1/10Lesson 25 (In Class)(No Assignment)
1/17Lesson 26QA 25
1/24Lesson 27QA 26
1/31Lesson 28QA 27
2/7Lesson 29QA 28
2/14(No Class – Ash Wed)Take Home Quiz: QA25-28 (At Home)
2/21Lesson 30QA 29
2/28Lesson 31QA 30
3/6(No Class –
Gradeschool Basketball Tourney)
QA 31
3/13Lesson 32Take Home Quiz: QA 29-31 (At Home)
3/20Lesson 33QA 32
3/27Lesson 34QA 33
4/3ProjectQA 34
4/10ProjectTake Home Quiz: QA 32-34 (At Home)
4/17ProjectSemester QA Written Test (In Class)
4/24Review for ConfirmationSemester QA Oral Test (In Class)
5/1Review/Rehearsal for Confirmation* Confirmation is Sunday May 5